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May 03, 2021 5 min read

Imagine having a miniature version of the Full Moon on your bedside for you to cherish without even stepping out of your cozy bedrooms. Imagine the breathtaking sight of an evening out in the wild with the Moon glimmering upon you. Now imagine being able to carry that light and that scene inside your house. Isn't it dreamy?

Transmute your imagination into reality with the exciting, 3D Moon Lamp!


Beautify your surroundings and indulge enthusiasm in your day-to-day lives with the color-changing light, available in many different styles, ranging from The Levitating Moon lamp to Galaxy lamp and Desk lamp.If you want to spice up your wall decor game and embellish your house, the Moon lamp can be your ideal choice.

 levitating Moon lamp to Galaxy lamp and Desk lamp

The Moon lamp provides you the joy, delight, and feeling of calmness through its dim and soft light, imitating that of the actual moonlight. One can say that the moon lamp can reconfigure your mind and freshen up your mood due to its pretty look, which gives a charming feel to your bedroom.

The question is, how is the Royal Moon Lamp  different from any other lamp? Our Lunar lamp is equipped with features that stand out and set it apart from other ordinary lamps.

1. Replicate the Moonlight!

Are you bored looking at the same dull surroundings repeatedly and want to light up your home with something more appealing and give a new look to your home? In a world of same old desktop lamps, decorate your desktop and bedside tables with the mini version of the actual Moon.

Replicate the Moonlight!

The moon lamp is a 3D printed imitation of the Full Moon, constructed using PLA using accurate satellite images to replicate the Moon fully. It enables you to cherish the Moon in all of its essence and beauty up close. It allows you to accessorize your home with a replica of the lunar beauty.

2. Eco-friendliness.

Some decor lamps emit harmful light. Wooden lamps and lamps made using recycled material are without a doubt a great alternative. However, you might want to go one step further and try something new by decorating your home with something unique. Expert designers design and construct the lamp delicately using 3D technology and PLA, a biodegradable substance obtained from plant resources, commonly known as bio-plastic. Usage of 100% safe materials ensures environmental protection and even makes the lamp ideal for children.

Read more brief details about Moon Lamps here;

3. Its Customizable

Going out to your nearest furniture store and choosing the best desktop lamp, fulfilling your requirements, might be a difficult task. Moon lamp provides a solution to this. You can get your newly bought Royal Moon lamp customized by professional crafters and even get yourself a carved moon lamp.

Royal Moon lamp

Levitating customized Moon lamps can further provide an even better and attractive option. It gives a stunning display and brings your favorite quote or your favorite photo with your loved ones to life with merely a tap and reminds you of the people you love most fantastically.

4. Adjustable light.

Conventional lamps do not provide a lot of lighting options. Royal Moon Lamp provides the perfect alternative to typical lights, with over 15 different shade choices that you can tailor depending on your mood. It creates a mystical impression wherever it shines and is sure to brighten up your day!

adjustable light

The dim soothing light it emits soothes you whenever you are stressed and is fully adjustable and compatible. The low-lit light provides the best amenity where photography is involved, as it helps light the subject evenly and generates interest. So, what are you waiting for? Light up your home and your mood with the exquisite Moon lamp!

5. The Versatility of the Moon lamp

You must be thinking at this point whether the Moon lamp is a desktop lamp or a hanging lamp. The answer to this is that the Moon lamp is available in a wide range of sizes, ranging from key-chain size to as big as 22 cm.

The Versatility of the Moon lamp

In addition to this, the Moon lamp is made available in different styles: levitating lights, which combine wireless and magnetic properties. You can either rotate it at 360 degrees continuously or keep it steady. Either way, it provides a stunning display. Galaxy lamps provide an even more attractive option.

6. An Expression of Love

Are you looking for the perfect and most exquisite gift for your lamp-loving loved one? Are you looking for a more non-conventional option that stands out? Search no more! The moon lamp can be your savior. The Moon itself is an embodiment of love and compassion, and presenting a miniature version of the Moon, eerily similar to the real one, might be your best resort. Are you looking for the best valentine's gift?

Customizable Moon lamp

The moon lamp can, without a doubt, help you out. Treat your loved ones and those close to your heart with the appeasing, appealing, and fascinating art piece. The royal Moon lamp brings the famous phrase "Love you to the Moon and Back" to life. Additionally, this phrase engraved on your Moon lamp can further beautify your gift!

7. An Ideal Reading light

If you are a vehement reader or you like to read yourself to sleep, as it helps you relax, a stunning moon lamp can be your prerequisite companion, which accompanies you through your distressing activity and boosts up your morale, which might not always be achieved by the same old dull lamps.

 Additionally, its portability enables one to carry the light along with them, which further ensures safety.

Bring a replica of the Moon to your bedside and make your everyday reading experience more wonderful! It can also help you study by constructing a tranquil ambiance around you, uplifting your mood, making study time fun!

8. Portability combined with safety.

Having a night light is quintessential for the elderly who are vulnerable to tumbling in the dark while getting up in the middle of the night. It is therefore recommended to have a night lamp by your side to prevent life-threatening traumas. A source of light can help pave a safer way. More precisely, a Moon lamp which ensures better sleep and prevents eye irritation.

A valid transition of your space from old boring lamps to the incredible 3D Moon Lamp.


Additionally, its portability enables one to carry the light along with them, which further ensures safety.

To conclude, the features and pros of The Royal Moon lamp outnumber any other conventional lamp. It can be a perfect gift for your loved ones and its customizing option can be a great resort. It is the perfect product when peace comes to mind. If you desire for a product that can elevate your mood and generate a soothing and de-stressing vibe, the Royal Moon Lamp is your go-to solution. Its 3D layout mimics the natural prototype of the moon and provides a pacifying and a sumptuous feeling.

Fahad Saleem
Fahad Saleem

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