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February 18, 2021 4 min read

Do you want to enjoy the seamless beauty of the moon, calmness of spirituality and warmth in your heart without sweating? Then, bringing our Royal Moon Lamp home makes the right choice to let the cosmic sensation sway around you. This write up aims to guide you through all the points that might be baffling in your head as for operating the Royal Moon lamps. This would be a core discussion, elaborating the operative system of moon lamps for your ease. So you can enjoy the subtle gleams and soothing tenor of silence.  Let's get started. 

The Royal Moon Lamp

Lets Get Started:

Here is a step by step guide that will help you take in the functions and options; Our Royal Moon Lamps are offering.

Unfold the Mystery: Open the Box

After getting your hands on our Royal Moon Lamp, first of all, unfold the lunar mystery and open the beautiful box of moon lamp. What you will find inside? A 3D-printed moon-shaped lamp with exact craters and craggy carvings on its surface.

  1. A wooden stand in 3 separate pieces, 
  2. A USB charging cord and 
  3. An instructional manual, to guide you throughout the process. If you have bought an RGB moon lamp, there would be a remote control in the box as well. 

 Moon Lamp Packaging

Set the Throne, How To Fix the Stand?

Fixing the stand is fun. What you need is to insert the upend of the wooden piece into the hole of the other wooden part and repeat the process with the rest of the parts until you see all the three curved parts are put together. A curvy, stylistic stand comes to the fore. 

Fixing the Stand for Moon Lamp

The Levitating Moon Lamp comes with a flat stand without bothering you of any fixation. Just place it on the flat surface and adjust the balance of the floating moon lamp in a centric position.

Levitating Moon Lamp

Give Life to the Dead Soul, How to Charge the Lamp?

Saving you from the hassle of the backplate and rough designs of lamps, our royal moon lamps come with inbuilt batteries giving a compact, refined and luxurious look with its seamless beauty. More efficient in working, durable with a long life span.

Charging these royal moon lamps is as easy as a pie. Insert the small end of the power cord(given in the package) into the charging slot at the bottom of the moon lamp and the other end of the cord into any USB charging port of your PC or Adapter etc. see a blue light is turning ON. indicating the lamp is getting charged. It takes 2 to 3 hours to charge at its fullness.

Moon Lamp Charging

Unlike these moon lamps, place the levitating moon lamp on its wooden deck at the front left side on a tiny circle spotted there. plug the adapter to the power-connected slot and another end into the base slot. A red light at the bottom of the lamp will turn ON. It is charging now. It will automatically disconnect the power when fully charged.

Levitating Lamp Charging

Enjoy the ecclesiastical light for 6 to 8 hours depending upon the brightness level.

Turn the Magic on: How to turn it ON/OFF?

Without complexing it over your head, turn the lamp upside down, here you see a tiny button near the charging port. TOUCH IT, here you go with a white light Turning ON. This tiny stud is used to turn the lamp OFF.

The Royal Moon Lamps come with Remote controls, giving you the option of turning the lamp ON/OFF without pulling out of your comfort. 

Perk your mood up: How to change the colors?

Apart from being the most comprehensible body, it is divergent in its functionality. The tiny button plays a one-man show as used for switching ON/OFF, it changes the colors also. 

2 color lamps:

Touch the button and change the color from white to yellow. 

Touch Control Moon Lamps

3 color lamps: 

 these lamps come with a pat control system. Change the colors by patting on the surface after turning ON from the Button. Pat once and turn the white light into warm white, pat again and turn the warm white light into yellow. Your third-time pat will turn the lamp OFF. 

Pat Control Moon Lamp

16 color lamps: 

the RGB lamps are accessorized with remote control. You can change the colors by touching the bottom stud of the lamp and you can use the handy controller to perform the same function. 

Switch the bottom stud ON once and then enjoy any color your mood demands. You can change the effects of colors with control buttons. Spread the vigor ambiance anytime. you can change the colors with the touch sensor just like the two-color lamps. 

Remote Control Moon Lamp

Dazzle and Dark: How to adjust the brightness?

2 color lamps:

Very easy, touching the metal button will change the colors, and if you touch this button for more than a second, it will increase and decrease the brightness as a simple function as you love these lamps...

Moon Lamp Brightness Control

3 color lamps:

The switching button is used for adjusting the brightness. Press the metal button for more than a second and change the brightness level from high to low, which suit you for the moment.

16 color lamps: 

you can adjust the brightness with remote control. Dim or bright the lights by pressing the indicated buttons. You can enjoy the fade, flash, and strobing effects as well. 

There is no hard and fast technique to operate our moon lamps. Even if our instructional manual leaves any ambiguity in your mind regarding our products, our customer care service is active to lend you their help you enjoying the seamless beauty of the moon, the calmness of its spiritual light, and warmth in your heart.

Eva Preston
Eva Preston

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