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Looking for a way out instead of hankering after the things that are far from reach is a wise decision. You can't touch the sky but sky is your limit to get on with your dreams. You can't touch the moon but yes! You can have it under your roof. Feel the calmness and romance of moonlights with the help of Moon Lamp that is specially crafted bearing the aesthetic sensibility in mind that does not allow many of us to compromise in less than perfect.

Royal Moon Lamp

We are promised to entertain you with not less than like the original one. Our Royal Moon Lamps hold on to provide the royalty with loyalty.

Taking into account all your reservations about the purchase of Moon Lamps, we write up this buying Guide by answering the frequently asked questions that would ease you up in your decision while spending money on Moon Lamp.

What a Moon Lamp actually is?

Moon lamp as its name shows that it is a lamp with a shape of a moon. Time changes and brings new technologies to amplify the modernity in lifestyle. Prototypical night bulbs with RGB lights individually tell old tales now. Stick on Glow stars took their place by fascinating the kids specially. They feel pleasure in assuming the starry sky under their roof. These moon lamps are now showing in the field for rejoicing the aesthetic sense.

The Royal Moon Lamp

Apart from being just a lamp, these moon lamps have taken the shape of a moon that promise to cheer you up in darkness. Don't think of it as a yellow ball referring to a moon.

Since it is made of PLA plastic that is decomposable and ecological. 3d printing of real images taken from satellites are used ontal light along with being a purposeful night bulb.

Does it really look like a moon?

While giving you the true essence of spirituality with the clear effects of serenity in light, one can't suspect the realness of dexterous craftsmanship? It is not  a matter of exaggeration, resembling a ball to a moon, if you ask about the appearance, the answer would be:

Yes the Luna lamp with its 360° lunatic texture, 3D printing technology and proper layering presents the picture of a real moon.

These lamps are designed with such perfection that express the seamless beauty of the moon with true depiction of craters and craggy looks as you can see on the surface of the real moon. Our experts used the pictures from NASA and imprinted the features on the surface with 3D printing techniques.

Moon Lamp

Without any reluctance, recreate the missing ambiance and light up your room with the luminescence that warms your emotions and cool down the temperament simultaneously as a real moon is expected to do,

How to Adjust the Brightness?

The Moon Lamp is very easy to use. It is featured with adjustable brightness. Along with changing the yellow light into white you can increase or decrease its brightness. At its bottom, u will find a metal button. Touch this button for less than a second to turn the Moon Lamp ON/OFF and switch from one color to the other.

  1. One touch, ON -  [Yellow Light]
  2. Second touch, turned white light
  3. Third touch, OFF

Now touch the button for more than a second to maximize or minimize the brightness. Ensure that the charging is sufficient to enjoy the full brightness of white light.

Touch Control Moon Lamp

The RGB moon lamp comes with a handy remote control from where you can switch from one color to the other up to 16 colors by pressing the buttons on the remote and even adjust the brightness from high to low. It does not mean that RGB moon lamps do not have sensor systems. Yes. you get it right! These lamps work both with touch and remote systems. 

Remote Control Moon Lamp

Here you go with enjoying the modern as well as traditional lights.

What is included in the package of Royal Moon Lamp

In the package you’ll get

  1. A moon shaped lamp
  2. Lamp holder (curvy, Flat for Levitating moon lamp)
  3. A remote control ( It does not come with two color lamps)
  4. USB charging cord
  5. Instruction handbook (learn how to operate the lamp in proper manner)

If you order a hanging Moon Lamp, you will receive;

  1. A 3d moon shaped lamp ( you can order Saturn and Mars on choice)
  2. A bulb holder with screws
  3. A ceiling fixture for hanging purpose
  4. A remote control to turn ON/OFF and switch between 3 colors
  5. Instructional handbook

Types of Moon Lamp

Thanks to Mr. Jameson who took the initiative of making the first ever moon lamp in its latest form using 3D innovation. Today around 7 moon lamps have taken the admiration. Let's take a view from the bird's eye.

1. Royal Moon Lamp

Simple and magnificent with 3D printing technology that gives it a marvelous appearance of a real moon. Hold it in your hand to amuse your kids or feel amazing by placing it at your bedside in a trendy wooden stand and feel tranquility. Enjoy late night conversations with your buddy in the warm yellow light or feel the sanctity and peace around you in the cool white light. The simple Royal Moon Lamp meets both the requirements with its one touch metal ring at the bottom. Beautiful in look and easy to use. 

2 Colors Moon Lamps

The metal ring is not only used for turning it ON/OFF but you can switch the colors and adjust the brightness also.

How to charge the Royal Moon Lamp?

Insert the USB cable into the charging port at the bottom and other end of the cable in the power bank or laptop etc. if the red light is turned ON, you get it right. Wait for that red light turning OFF and here you go with a fully charged Royal Moon Lamp. enjoy the light for 8 to 25 hours depending on dimming.

Charging time: 2 to 3 hrs.

Glowing time: 8 to 12 hrs.

2. Hovering (Levitating) Moon Lamp

Wonder your kids with the magic of levitation and use this hovering lamp as a resource to teach them the science of magnets. Study about the Moon, Saturn and Mars through these levitating lamps. This lamp comes with a wooden frame with fixed magnets in the center and a moon-like globe hovering on its top. You can control its rotation speed by touching it. 

Levitating Moon Lamps

Adjust the brightness and colors with touch sensors and switch it ON/OFF. It normally comes in 3 colors, The warm yellow, the cool blue and the white color.

3. Custom Moon Lamp

It is the most popular among the masses. It is a little expensive as compared to other moon lamps because of its customization feature. In shape it is like the simple moon lamp with 3D printing but the customers can imprint the pictures and favorite quotes lines on the surface. What you have to do is to place an order for a customized moon lamp and give the required details. Place it anywhere you want to enhance the charm 

Custom Moon Lamp

If you order the 16-color version, it will come with a remote control but this offer is not available for two -color versions.

How to charge it?

The process is not different from Simple Royal Moon Lamp. read it again for better understanding.

4. 16 Colors RGB Moon Lamp

This moon lamp comes in a very realistic shape of a moon with moon spots on its surface. What is additional is the 16-color setting that would turn your dream colorful and magical. A remote control is given to help you switch from one color to the other with fading and enhancing the flash.

16 Colors Moon Lamp

Experience the Blue lights of 3d painted Earth Lamp with pat touch. 

This earth lamp comes with a 16-colors remote control and touch system to change the colors and control the brightness. Pat the surface to switch the color, light and adjust the light.

The Royal Earth Lamp

5. Hanging Moon Lamp

Bring a different mood in your house by hanging the moon lamp. It is equally suitable for bedroom, study room, dining room and living area, serves the purpose efficiently. Good quality glass and metal is used in its making. It lightens up the whole area purposefully so it does not have a dimmable feature. Use the best out of 5 different sizes and decorate your place with its true image technology.

Hanging Moon Lamps

There is no end to novelty. Replace your study lamps with this hanging lamp, fix it above the study table and enjoy reading under subtle moon light.

6. Keychain Moon Lamp

There is no end to novelty. The small in size moon lamp is hooked in a key chain, different in its kind and pleasing to hold the moon in your hand. Entice the older and younger equally. It comes in only one color; white.

Keychain Moon Lamps

How to Take Care of the Moon Lamp?

Do not let your sturdy purchase go in vain just because you forgot to take care of and touch practical, it does not require any turmoil to keep it perfect. Your little attention will be enough to increase its lifespan.

All our Moon Lamps comes with instructional guides in the package to get you acquainted with the technicalities and operating method. In Spite of that, we are pledged to ensure its safety along with you or your little ones. So, take these precautionary measures and avoid any damage.

  • Understand the described functionality properly to avoid disruption in its working.
  •  Choose the place where it is safe to put. We do not recommend sloppy or slippery top tables.
  • For hanging Moon Lamp, make sure it is firmly hooked in the ceiling to avoid dropping.
  •  Keep the liquids away from the Moon Lamps
  • Overcharging does not promise a long life of the moon lamp, instead it damages the batteries. Avoid it.
  • Clean the surface with soft handedly to prevent scratches and wipe out the grease and dust to enhance the light reflection. 
  • If you feel trouble in learning about any of its functions, we suggest you call the customer care and render assistance.

    Why Buy the Moon Lamp?

    Other than providing light, the Royal Moon lamp carries out your wishes differing in manner.

    Home Décor

    Enjoy the delighters of full moon night without leaving your cozy pigeon corner and use these royal in looks and loyal in functionality moon lamps to decorate your rooms with subtleness and elegance. Pick a 3D Moon lamp, stylish and luminous with 3d images imprint on the surface.

    Moon Lamps Home Décor

    Cherish your Romantic Moments

    If you are planning a romantic time with your partner, make it matchless. Moon indicates Love and is recognized as a symbol of romance. The Moon Lamp can serve you much better by creating a romantic mood and warmth in emotion. Turn the lights off and let this moon lamp spread the illumined aura of Love.

    Date Night Moon Lamp

    A Unique Gift

    On different occasions, like Anniversary, Birthday, Valentine’s Day, when everyone endeavors to have a crack at finding a unique piece to present. These moon lamps serve better than nothing. You have a voice of selecting from a variety of moon lamps. And if you pay heed to our suggestion; pick a customized moon lamp with a selected picture on its surface and make the day memorable.

    The Royal Moon Gift

    Night Lamp

    Those who want to replace their typical and boring night lamps place this Royal Moon Lamp at the side table of your bed and fall into the tranquil sleep. It provides sufficient light to move freely in darkness and those feeding mothers will find it nifty and stylish at the same time.

    The Royal Moon Night Lamp

    Adjust the brightness as much needed with the option between cool white and warm yellow light.

    Table Lamp

    Buy the long stand table lamp and put it on your study table. It will serve the purpose do providing sufficient light along with giving a classy look to the typical one.

    Table Moon Lamp

    Buying Guide to Pick the Best Moon Lamp?

    Those who are looking for a detailed guideline to check the specifications before getting their hands on the moon lamp. Read this Buying Guide (containing all the particular factors) that is laid out to help you with fitting purchases without weighing down your budget.

    Smooth Texture and Healthy Material

    The market is stuffed with all kinds of lamps with good and bad quality. These moon lamps are designed for humans and human safety is our main purpose. Do not compromise on the quality by comparing it with cheapness. It would be horrible if the fancy look drags your health into danger. It can happen if the material used in lamps manufacturing is not FDA certified. Always read the specifications given and choose Eco-friendly, non-toxic PVC or PLA material.

    Battery life [Longer is better]

    It is always grueling to change the batteries after a short period of time. Take this aspect into consideration and buy the moon lamp with USB power supply and in-build rechargeable batteries. If you choose the certificated rechargeable batteries it would be a cinch to enjoy the moon lamp once fully charged. It will not drain out before 8 or 9 hours. 

    Smart Charging Port

    Beauty of the moon is seamless, so is our recommendation. Pick that moon lamp which has a small charging port with complete effectiveness. Large holes diminish the perfection and look more like a replication.

    Lunar Texture and Surface

    If you want a real look of the moon, select the moon lamp with little attention. Many moon lamps come with a blurring texture that just gives the look of a Wight or yellow globe. You might not like it. Pick the moon lamp with clear textured images provided by NASA and feel the originality.

    See your place & select the Size of Lamp

    First gauge the requirement then buy the best fitted size. If you are looking for a lamp for the table, make sure it should not be too big. And larger corners can be decorated with large in size lamps. As simple as that. You can hang large size moon lamps with ceilings to light up the whole room and a moderate size for giving a moonlight effect in real sense.


    Do not overburden your pocket with puffed-up lamps. You can buy a good quality and functional Royal Moon Lamp at an average price. Just spend a little time searching for the best fit for your place.

    Choose between the Types

    There is a large variety of Moon Lamps for every purpose. A simple moon lamp with two lights suits a bedroom well and sets out a soothing aura.

    Sixteen color moon lamps have further designs and prints; galaxy moon lamps omit not only 16 different colors but outspread a starry ambience to please the space geeks. You can even choose a customized moon lamp with photo and text and see them in different shades. A perfect gift for your family and friends and see them love you more than ever.

    Love partying? So, do we…. Let's make them jazzy with hanging moon lamps and relish the moments in lunar lights. Fix them in the ceiling and let the crescent float over you.

    Inculcate the sense of reasoning in your kids and educate them about the science behind the rule of levitation using the Levitating Galaxy Moon lamps. Use the gadget for educational and decorative purposes.

    Thrill the space geeks with THE SPACE SHUTTLE Lamp and THE ASTRONAUT Moon Lamps. It could be a present on their academic achievement. A lovely reminder to help them pursue their goals. 

    See for what you need a lamp. Mind the purpose and place and there you go for the desired one. Random picks may turn out to be a pleasant surprise but it is not possible all the time. 

    Go to trusted websites

    Without beating around the bush, we clearly state that instead of experimenting on different shopping places, try once royalmoonlamp.com and get a shot at first place.

     As we are promised to provide you Royalty with Loyalty. 

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