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The Astronaut Moon Lamp [USA Shipping]

Selenophile or not, you'd be enthralled by the mesmerizing beauty & craftsmanship of our
Royal Moon Lamp.

A valid transition of your space from old boring lamps to the incredible Astronaut  Moon Lamp.

Magical Bath With Astronaut Moon Lamp:

Designed with the cosmos object, particularly the moon in mind, the moon lamp displays an astronaut holding the moon. It signifies and celebrates the conquest of the moon, making us feel that it is within our reach and ready to be explored.

Thanks to our Royal moon lamp's aura, adding sophistication to your place won't be a hassle anymore.

Whether you are an astrophile with a passion for the moon or a science enthusiast, this decorative moon lamp will let you marvel at the vastness of the world and let you enjoy the tranquil light of the moon. 

Indoor Decoration: An indoor decoration to class up the space-themed room, bedside table, study table, lounge, or office space. Perfect size (14 * 7.5 * 14.5cm) for the moon lamp to be placed anywhere you like.

Astronaut Sculpture:The resin sculpture moon man has the most delicate details to enjoy boundless space fantasy.

Battery-Operated: The moon lamp is a cordless battery operated with LED light for the soft moon-like glow. Turn on the gadgety astronaut moon lamp by switching on the button at the bottom of the moon lamp.


Now, you don’t have to think a lot about what to give to friends, kids or loved ones. Treat your loved ones with this captivating, pacifying, and interactive art piece. The Astronaut moon lamp can make an ideal gift for kids and adults alike as it is constructed using 100% safe materials and is non-toxic. The LEDs consume less power and produce less heat, ideal for little children.

Now, you don’t have to think a lot about what to give on Birthdays, Anniversaries and Valentines.


  1. Durable & Safe - High-quality material is being used in the making of the lamp. That's why it's not prone to breakages and safe to use around kids.
  2. Portable & Wireless - Charge your lamp & take it anywhere - It will glow for up to 10 hours.
  3. Wireless Battery Operated and Portable- Light-weight to take it anywhere. Button cells are used to light up the night moon. And the batteries can be replaced whenever needed.
  4. Environment Friendly - FDA Approved PLA material used.
  5. Royal & Loyal - 100% money-back Guarantee

Note: All the specifications, product detail, originality at its will come later.

Customer Reviews

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overall bad i got it as a gift was brand new stopped working liked it but was just bad i just gave it away to some little kid aatlest he likerd how it looked

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