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The Royal Moon Hanging Lamps

Transform Lifeless Rooms Into Romantic Evenings

Watch your dreary room light up with magic and excitement with the moon that hangs. Yes, from the ceiling! We can't gaze into the calming moon every night. So, the makers of hanging moon lamps thought of bringing the moon into your room. The hanging moon lamp creates a feeling of relaxation by relieving us of our anxieties. Whether you need to read your favorite book or admire the lunar beauty, the hanging Moon lamp is the perfect product.

A valid transition of your space from old boring lamps to the incredible The Royal Hanging Moon Lamps.

Bringing Moon Indoors:

Its 3D layout imitates the natural prototype of the moon in all of its charm and essence. The rocky, uneven terrain comes to life once the lamp switches on. Its color-changing ability enables you to change the ambiance as you like it and helps you delve into your imaginative world. The decorative replica hanging moon lamp is perfect for the hallway, living room, corridor, cafe, bar, library, fashion store, office, dining room, etc.

The Hanging Jupiter:

The fascination of admiration for celestial bodies is unending. No space enthusiasts would say no to the idea of having another planet right in your home. Get an opportunity to explore Jupiter, which you can hang like a chandelier at your home.

Fun Fact:Jupiter lacks a true solid surface and is a ball of gases and liquids. Our Jupiter moon lamps simulate the swirling ball of gases in a solid form. 


Now, you don't have to think a lot about what to give on Birthdays, Anniversaries and Valentine.


Treat your loved ones with this captivating, pacifying, and interactive art piece. The Moon lamp can make an ideal gift for kids and adults alike as it is constructed using 100% safe materials and is non-toxic. The LEDs consume less power and produce less heat, ideal for little children.

Choose a Size That Fits:

With as many choices of size, you get as many opportunities to transform the entire aura of the room. Royal Moon Lamp presents hanging chandelier-like lamps in 4 different sizes. Combine multiple sizes to decor your room in a different style, or choose one size that corresponds to your interior.

Illuminate Your Space in Different Colors:

Set a different aura in your space by selecting different colors - Warm white, cold white, and a night lamp that combines three different colors in one captivating moon orb. 

Easy to Install:

The hanging moon lamps are easier to install with everything included in the package. The instructions are clear, although the whole process is self-explanatory. Easily hang it and enjoy the glow moon bath every night. 

Note: Avoid high-powered bulbs that emit a lot of heat as they can deform the material of the lamp.


At Royal Lamps, we offer 100% original products. Our Lamps are CE, FCC & ROHS certified & made with FDA approved material; PLA, which is non-toxic and eco-friendly.

Every single lamp took about 28-hours of 3D printing with state-of-the-art tech to get prepared in the way it is. NASA’s Satellite images were used to design caters, mountain surfaces, elevations, and ridges on the moon’s surface as we have laid them down with the most incredible precision.


  1. Certification: CQC, ROHS, ce, CCC
  2. Power Source: AC
  3. Material: PVC/Plastic, PLA biodegradable polylactic acid.
  4. Number of light sources: 1
  5. Lighting Area: 5-10square meters
  6. Lampshade Color: White
  7. Base Type: E27
  8. Process: 3D printing
  9. Lamp holder: E27 (not included).
  10. Dimensions: Same picture
  11. Light Source: LED Bulbs
  12. Voltage: 110V-240V, fits all countries.
  13. Cable Length:1.0 m
  14. Application: Dining room, Bedroom, Hallway, Living room, study room and so on.



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  2. Carefully Packed - No damage during transportation
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The Moon lamp is sure to brighten up both your room and your mood, as it creates a peaceful aura wherever it shines.


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Customer Reviews

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Kimberly D

Perfect, there is everything it takes for mounting in the box, the supplied led bulb is quite powerful and the moon illuminates the room well. This really gives a beautiful rendering

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