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The Crescent Moon Hanging Lamp [USA Shipping]

Selenophile or not, you'd be enthralled by the mesmerizing beauty & craftsmanship of our
Royal Moon Lamp.

A valid transition of your space from old boring lamps to the incredible The Crescent Moon Hanging Lamp.

Enjoy the Silver Mystic Crescent at Home:

Nothing beats the sheer beauty of the crescent moon that fills our hearts with amazement. However, the short life of the waxing crescent moon doesn't let us appreciate its beauty enough as it glows in the fading evening light. The makers of Royal moon lamps have created a crescent moon hanging lamp so you can gaze not only at the crescent but also at the surrounding stars.

Watch your dreary room light up with magic and excitement with the hanging crescent moon lamp. Whether you need to read your favorite book or admire the lunar beauty, the crescent moon lamp is the perfect product.

Where You Can't Visit, Bring It Home.

An Exciting Mix of Design & Material:Made of a mesh of Aluminum wire to create an impression of a half-moon silhouette, the crescent hanging lamp changes an ordinary ceiling to a fascinating eye-catcher. Surrounding stars add texture and detailing to the hanging crescent. 

Romantic & Fairy Atmosphere: Whether you want the crescent lamp in your kid's room to create a fairy atmosphere, hang it on the balcony or living room for a romantic ambiance, the crescent moon lamp can be used in endlessly creative ways. 

Non-Flickering Warm & White Glow:The chandelier crescent lamp creates a luminous glow in 2 colors - warm and white. Set the desired aura to perfect your special moments by choosing from the non-flickering light shades.

Adjustable Cord Length: Hang the crescent at the height you want - low hanging close to the floor or hanging high above close to the ceiling. The 1m wire, attached with a metal canopy, is adjustable. You just need to cut the extra wire and tighten the screw.


Now, you don’t have to think a lot about what to give on Birthdays, Anniversaries and Valentine.


Treat your loved ones with this captivating, pacifying, and interactive art piece. The crescent hanging moon lamp can make an ideal gift for kids and adults alike on festive occasions, birthdays, etc. The LEDs consume less power and produce less heat, suitable for little children.

Easy to Install: Attaching it to the ceiling is a breeze. Easy to understand instruction manual makes the installation process less of a headache. Just screw the metal canopy to the ceiling and follow the instructions to hang lamps and adjust wire length and admire the moon and stars in your home.

More Bulbs, More Glow: To light up the magic, the crescent-shaped lamp uses five LED light bulbs that are energy efficient. 

Easy to Clean: The mesh of wires attracts dust like a magnet that dims its beauty. Fortunately, it's easy in terms of maintenance, and the wires will not deform or loose during the cleaning process. 



  1. Certification:CCC
  2. Category: pendant light
  3. Quantity: 1PC.
  4. Material: Iron.
  5. Style: Modern, Nordic.
  6. Color: White
  7. Type: Hanging Light.
  8. Lamp Holder: E27.
  9. Light source type: 5*G4 bulb.
  10. Cord length: 100cm (adjustable).
  11. Ceiling Base Dimension: diameter 10cm.
  12. Lampshade Dimension: 38.00*33.00*17.00 cm.
  13. Lampshade shape: Moon Shape.
  14. Voltage: 110-240V.
  15. Power: AC.
  16. Size: as shown in the picture.
  17. Applicable space: living room / dining room / Restaurant / Bar / others.

Notice: This product does not include bulbs. You will have to buy that yourself.

And also kindly confirm the color of the lamp before you buy. Please be sure to install lamps and lanterns by following the proper instructions. You can contact us anytime if you have any problems regarding installation or lighting the pendant lamp. We would be more than happy to resolve your problem by replying in a timely manner.



  • 1 x Pendant Lights

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